this is gaem

your spaceship


shoot blocks pew pew

dont touch blocks no good

actually dont touch anything

except powerups they are frend

survive long for big score

don't die

hella action

play blz thx


arrow keys or qwop: move

space or z: shoot

f5: turn music/sfx on|off

f9: turn crt effect on|off


here is the music on sondcloude

also donload below c:


marscat: all the things bark bork ◉w◉

lucca (who is marscat too): chiptunes bleep bloop ◉w◉

dcat: qualty asurence also lotsa love <3

freq ask qs (FAK)

Q: it too slow >:c
A: press f9 to disable fancy crt effect, or buy windows version

Q: it look too grainy
A: yer browser might not be using yer GPU; try different browser or turn crt effect off by pressing f9

Q: it no work, halp
A: shucks, hmu on twitter :c

Q: it sucks
A: im sorry :c


0.01 – started basic gameplay
0.02 – added slowdown power up, now you can hold keys
0.03 – first release! added toggles for music and the crt effects
0.04 – fixed a bug that happened if you held space between retries

Install instructions

denlod unzip and run c:


shootris 0.04 (windows version) 2 MB
Lucca "Shootris OST: Shoverture + Theme from Shootris" (MP3) 5 MB