A downloadable Aseprite script

Grid2Size is a collection of two Lua scripts for Aseprite that either double or half the size of the Grid.

What It Does:

  • Grid2Size will resize your current Grid by either doubling it (Grid2Double.lua) or halving it (Grid2Half.lua).
  • The Scripts are provided separately to allow users to give each action separate Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Grid2Size will not resize your Grid any further if either the Grid width or height reach the value of 1.
  • The Grid size is doubled by a factor of 2; and halved by a factor of 2, rounded down.
  • Reasonably, Grid2Size won't work if you are not working on a Sprite.
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Authorkid marscat
TagsAseprite, extension, lua, lua-script, mod, script, tool


grid2size_0_1.zip 1 kB

Install instructions


  • In Aseprite, go to File > Scripts > Open Scripts Folder. This should open an Explorer window on <Aseprite program folder>/scripts.
  • Copy the files Grid2Double.lua and Grid2Half.lua to this folder, close Explorer and restart Aseprite.
  • The next time you open Aseprite, the Scripts will be available for you to use in the Scripts menu.


  • While editing a Sprite, go to File > Scripts > Grid2Double or Grid2Half, and they will automatically double or halve the grid size.
  • You can also bind the scripts to different Keyboard Shortcuts by using the available option in the Edit menu. Read the Aseprite documentation for more information.

In case of a bug or any other kind of unintentional behavior, feel free to contact me at kidmarscat [at] gmail.com or leave a comment below.


2019–12–23 – 0.1 – First Release


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This is super handy. Changing the grid size in most editors is a pain.

doestn work on latest aseprite beta

I'm working on Aseprite v1.3-beta6-x64 and it works just fine—I actually use it constantly while making pixel art so I would have found a bug by now, I'm sure. I'll need more information about this if there's anything actually wrong with it. Please let me know if you can.