A downloadable translation patch

Hello there! This is a fan translation patch for the official Windows version of Heiankyo Alien (平安京エイリアン, 1999), originally by UTokyo's Theoretical Science Group (1979), ported to Windows by Hyperware and translated to English by Kid MarsCat (yours truly).

The Files

fantrans.txt    - Information and installation instructions about the patch.
heian_en.xdelta - The xdelta3 patch for the translation.
heian_en.chm    - My translation of the help files.
readme_en.txt   - My translation of the original readme.

What is Changed

This package not only covers the main executable, heian.exe,  but also the help file (heian_en.chm) and readme (readme_en.txt).

Some of the graphics have been changed, using different picture editors to translate the text in them from the Japanese original to English. Careful work was done so that the new typographic designs fit in with the original artwork, if possible.

There's more detailed info about what has changed (and what hasn't) on the included fantrans.txt file.

I Found an Error in Your Translation!

Makes sense, considering I don't really know Japanese to begin with lol. Contact me at kidmarscat [at] gmail [dot] com to let me know how I messed up, so I can fix it in a new version!

Anything Else?

Nothing, Enjoy!

Install instructions

How to Install

  1. First download and extract the original game from the official website here.
  2. Use your favorite xdelta3 decoder/encoder to patch the file heian.exe with the patch file heian_en.xdelta. I recommend this one here, which is what I used to make the patch to begin with. Make sure to backup your original files unless you don't care about them being modified forever!
  3. Run the resulting executable and there you go!


2020/05/24 – First version, must be complete AFAIK.


heian_en_10.zip 25 kB

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