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Current Version: 1.0

Save the Babes for Duke Nukem 3D is a mod that gives the player the ability to save the babes found in the game! To save a babe, simply press the [Use] button in front of any babe featured in the game, and she will be rescued out, giving the player a +20 health bonus for each babe saved!

Save the Babes is compatible with the Atomic Edition of DN3D running on EDuke32. Other versions of the game have not been tested but they might still work.

More info in the included duke32_babes.txt file.

Warning: This mod will remove the ability to tip the babes or have them speak back to Duke. This mod will NOT remove the ability to kill any babes, accidentally or otherwise, so be careful!

Install instructions

  1. Copy duke32_babes.zip to your EDuke32 autoload directory.
  2. Make sure that the [Enable "autoload" folder] option is checked in the EDuke32 launcher.
  3. Launch EDuke32.


savebabes10.zip 17 kB

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