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IMPORTANT: As of version 1.2.17 of Aseprite (March 11, 2020, about three months after I released this script) this Lua script has been rendered obsolete by the addition of tile selecting, which can be done by double-clicking and then dragging the mouse. This script might be useful for other purposes, and so it will remain here, but otherwise, this script might not be useful to you anymore.

SnapSelection is a Lua script for Aseprite that snaps your current selection to the grid.

What It Does:

  • SnapSelection will Snap your current Selection to the Grid, as configured in View > Grid > Grid Settings.
  • SnapSelection will only work properly on a rectangular Selection. Selections created with the Lasso or other non-rectangular Selections will be converted to a rectangle by this script.
  • The Selection is Snapped by moving the top left corner of the Selection to the left and up, and the bottom right corner down and to the right. Therefore, your selection must never be bigger than the cells you are trying to Snap it to.
  • Reasonably, SnapSelection won't work if you are not working on a Sprite, or if you have not made a Selection yet.

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snapselection_0_1.zip 1 kB

Install instructions


  • In Aseprite, go to File > Scripts > Open Scripts Folder. This should open an Explorer window on <Aseprite program folder>/scripts.
  • Copy the file SnapSelection.lua to this folder, close Explorer and restart Aseprite.
  • The next time you open Aseprite, the script will be available for you to use in the Scripts menu.


  • While editing a Sprite, you must first make a Selection using any of the tools provided by Aseprite for such purpose.
  • Go to File > Scripts > SnapSelection, and this will automatically run the SnapSelection script, which will Snap your Selection to the Grid.
  • You can also bind it to a Keyboard Shortcut by using the available option in the Edit menu. Read the Aseprite documentation for more information.

In case of a bug or any other kind of unintentional behavior, feel free to contact me at kidmarscat [at] gmail.com or leave a comment below.

Change Log

2019–12–19 — 0.1 — First Release


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This script is still amazingly useful, thanks for keeping it up on Itch.io.

Aseprite's built in system only lets you snap to single cells where as this lets me select a big general area and then snap to all the cells saving a lot of time when re-organizing a bunch of cells.

well, just glad other people can still find use for it, i personally rarely use it anymore :P in any case, thank you for your comment!